SqrNut - Personal Time Tracking for Developers

  • Track time in detail using a simple UI
  • Keep your data private 💚

Timesheet Entry Sucks 😩

It's your job to keep track of time, often for many projects (and people).

Even worse, sometimes you have to go over why you did something, when all you want to do is focus on what's next.

You shouldn't need to:

  • 🤔 Think like a stopwatch ⏲; or
  • Have the memory of an elephant 🐘

A squirrel 🐿 will lose track of its nuts!

(But you don't have to) Sign up now!

Leave the Trail Behind

SqrNut is optimised to help you capture your day as a "conscious stream". Think of it as a series of commits that represent your day (not just your code).

Anything you add will become historical context and it will help you remember "why".

Time tracking becomes a happy side-effect - not the main event. Because it's as detailed as you want it to be, it's more accurate.

Now you don't need to remember where you buried your 🌰 nuts!

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